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Presentations of the Paris Colloquium available for download

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Presentations of the Paris Colloquium available for download

- You can find in the following the presentations, regarding both the invited tutorials lectures and contributed talks, that have been given during the 1st colloquium of the GDR at IHP-Paris. They are available for download. You will also find at the bottom of this page some pictures that have been taken during the colloquium.

- These presentations are outlined per Investigated Thematics (ARTs). The tittles of the presentations are preceded by the acronym of their related ART(s).

For more information on the ARTs, please follow this link ART.

ART Quantum Simulations & Processing - QSP
QP (+ENT) - Invited Lecture
"Quantum Computing and Simulation
 in Optical Lattices",

Given by Trey Porto (NIST, Maryland)
QP - Contributed Talk 1
"Noise Resistant Manipulation of Protected Qubits",

Given by Thomas Coudreau (MPQ, Paris)
QP - Contributed Talk 2
"Universal Blind Quantum Computing with coherent states",

Given by Anthony Leverrier (ICFO, Barcelona)
ART Entanglement & Non Classical States - ENS
ENT (+QIS) - Invited Lecture
"Quantum Correlations in Room Temperature Solids: Entanglement between Two Diamonds",

Given by Ian Walmsley (Ultrafast Group, Oxford)
ENT - Contributed Talk 1
"Nonlocality of Symmetric States",

Given by Zizhu Wang (LTCI, Paris)
ENT - Contributed Talk 2
"Block-modified Wishart matrices and applications to entanglement theory",

Given by Ion Nechita (LPT, Toulouse)
ENT - Contributed Talk 3
"On demand single electron transport
The surfing electron",

Given by Sylvain Hermelin (Institut Néel - CNRS, Grenoble)
ENT - Contributed Talk 4
"A single quantum emitter on a nanomechanical oscillator - Hybrid optomechanics",

Given by Olivier Arcizet (institut Néel - CNRS, Grenoble)
ENT - Contributed Talk 5
"Two-Photon States Semiconductor Sources at Room Temperature for Quantum Information",

Given by Adeline Orieux (MPQ, Paris)
ENT - Contributed Talk 6
"A Semiconductor Deterministic Bright Source of Entangled Photon Pairs",

Given by Pascale Senellart (LPN - CNRS, Marcoussis)
ENT - Contributed Talk 7
"Cloning of entangled photon pairs: why it it hard to see micro-Macro entanglement",

Given by Pavel Sekatski (GAP, Geneva)
ENT - Contributed Talk 8
"Narrowband polarization entangled telecom photon pair source",

Given by Florian Kaiser (LPMC, Nice)
ART Quantum Communication - QCOM
QCOM - Invited Lecture
"The Gaussian Minimum Entropy Conjecture & its Importance for the Information Capacity of Gaussian Bosonic Channels",

Given by Nicolas Cerf (QuLC - ULB, Brussels)
QCOM - Contributed Talk 1
"Increasing the Robustness of through Continuous Variable Techniques",

Given by Frédéric Grosshans (LPQM - ENS, Cachan)
QCOM - Contributed Talk 2
"Practical Quantum Coin Flipping",

Given by Anna Pappa (LTCI, Paris)
ART New Qbit Devices - NQD
NDQG (+ENT) - Invited Lecture 1
"Coherent control and correlations of electron spins in quantum dots",

Given by Lieven Vandersypen (Quantum Transport Group, TU Delft)
NDQG (+QP) - Invited Lecture 2
"Operating an elementary quantum processor",

Given by Daniel Estève (Quantronics, CEA Saclay)
NDQG - Contributed Talk 1
"Photon-photon nonlinearity in a Quantum Dot-micropillar Device: Towards a One-Dimensional Atom?",

Given by Vivien Loo (LPN - CNRS, Marcoussis)
NDQG - Contributed Talk 2
"Purcell Effect in Plasmonic Patch Antenna",

Given by Agnès Maître (INSP, Paris)
ART Quantum Information Storage - QuIS
QIS - Contributed Talk
"Atomic coherences rephasing by rapid adiabatic passages for quantum storage",

Given by Maria Florencia Pascual-Winter (LAC - CNRS, Orsay)
ART Quantum Information Foundations - FOUND
QMES (+ENT) - Invited Lecture
"Device-independent quantum information",

Given by Valerio Scarani (CQT, Singapore)
QMES - Contributed Talk
"Heisenberg-limited sensitivity without entanglement",

Given by Daniel Braun (LPT, Toulouse)
Some nice pictures taken during the colloquium
Picture of all the participants
On the stairs of the ENSCP

The dancing President, Nicolas Treps
Ms Foundations, Alexia Auffèves
The cooker, Thierry Chanelière
Daniel Estève, summarizing his lecture
Ian Wlamsley at the beginning oh his lecture
Ian Walsley, during his talk
Sandu Popescu starting his lecture
Sandu Popescu exploiting the full balck board of the IHP"
Sandu Popescu explaining the "back in time method"
Daniel Estève and others listening to Ian Walmsley
Valerio Scarani, happy just before his lecture
Some discussions after the conference dinner
Sandu Popescu, Alexia Auffèves, Nicolas Treps, and Sébastien Tanzilli with the Quantum Saw