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Quantum photonics

by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on

Main contact : Alexei Ourjoumtsev

Research activities:

Our team’s research focuses on quantum engineering of light. We experimentally test new methods to generate non-classical light states for precision measurements, we develop logic gates acting on photonic quantum bits in order to extend the range of quantum communications, and we use photons to simulate other quantum systems with less accessible spatial and temporal dynamics. Many of these operations require photons to interact with each other, which seldom occurs at optical wavelengths. We are currently building a new experimental platform to enable strong coherent photon-photon interactions between optical photons, mediated by interactions between cold atoms driven to highly-excited Rydberg states. Combining tools of cold atoms with those of cavity quantum electrodynamics and adaptive optics will allow us to precisely tailor the structure of the interacting optical modes and use this platform to deterministically engineer both the particle-like and the wave-like aspects of light at the quantum level.

For more information: see online Quantum photonics