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by Sebastien_Tanzilli - published on

Contact principal : Thierry Melin
Autre contact : Christophe Delerue

Description des activités de recherche :

  • Transport, optoelectronic properties and theoretical studies of 1D and 0D semiconductor nanostructures and quantum devices.
    • Experimental and theoretical spectroscopy studies of zero-dimensional (0D) semiconductor nanostructures with the aim to probe their electrical, electronic, optical and photovoltaic properties at the level of individual nanoparticles, including scanning probe (STM, AFM/EFM/KPFM) and transport properties of 1D nanostructures.
    • Theoretical investigation of the structural, electronic and heat transport of nanostructures (semiconductor nanowires, carbon or boron nitride nanotubes, topological insulators) of interest for ultimate electronic devices.

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